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  • You are God's Masterpiece.
  • You are the Apple of His Eye.
  • You are an Expression of the Love of Jesus Christ.
  • You were sent by the Lord to the earth for a Divine Purpose.
  • You are here to manifest the vision that He wrote about you in the books of heaven before you were even formed in your mother's womb.
  • You have been given authority, power, and access to live a victorious life.

Q: Do you believe this, but need help with unbelief?

A: This Study Guide, Workbook, & Journal is for you!

This Study Guide, Workbook, & Journal is broken down into six sessions. It is recommended that you spend an entire week of devotional time studying, meditating, praying, and journaling on each topic. Additional journaling pages are located in the back of this book.

The Word of God is meant to cleanse, transform, refresh, & renew our minds. Mind transformation is a continuous process that we must do diligently. Ultimately, we must 'lose our mind' and let the mind of Christ root and take dominion in our mind.

PAPERBACK The Believer's Authority: How to Overcome Bible Study Series
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