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Make Life Work in a Fast-Paced World is an inspirational and motivational book that lays out the blueprint for success. As you read this book, you will find keys for life you have been looking for to turn your failure into success. You will learn about some of the greatest men in the bible who were met with failure but still went on to have great success. You will read about men in America, including the author, who when met with failure, have managed to turn that failure into complete success. 

The book points out 10 principles to help you come back from failure. There are real life testimonies of people who found hope by applying these principles and turned their failure into success. Make Life Work in a Fast-Paced World will encourage you to trust in God, in His power, and in His wisdom, even in the worst of times. It will help you rely on God for help. It strongly reinforces the principle that God is our strength and source of power when we need courage to face life's changes and setbacks. This book will give you the keys such as you must work hard to achieve success.

Success is never an accident. When you work hard, success will follow. God only blesses the hands of the diligent, so one must be willing to apply the principle of hard work if they want to achieve success in life. It will help you to change how you see yourself. You will see success in life in direct proportion to how you see yourself. God created you for success and designed you to enjoy a higher level of self-esteem, self-respect, and personal pride.

As you read, you will find practical guidance in each chapter: Ask God for Help, Work Hard, Play by the Rules, Turn Failure into Success, Remember Life is all About Choices, Know Where You are Going, Possess the Power of Unrelenting Courage, Think Success, Become a Creator, and Surround Yourself with Human Inspiration.

Make Life Work in a Fast-Paced World will help you to plan ahead so you do not become a victim of emergencies.

Make Life Work
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