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Gaining Strength for Your Journey will help you establish the necessary foundation to anchor your identity and equip you to make your dream a reality.

Have you done all you can to follow God's directions, only to be met with frustrating delays?

Have you ever wondered where God is when it seems like your destiny is deterred?

How will the life God designed for you actually become what you desire?

Will you remain diligent to rise to the level of distinction you were created for?

Gaining Strength for Your Journey will awaken the vision within you to operate confidently in all God has entrusted and packaged within you. The time is now to develop what is right for you.

Diana Robinson is a Bible teacher anointed to boldly declare destiny despite developmental delays. Her foundational beliefs include, "The Word of God is a must and diligently doing the Word will exempt you from every disqualification."

Gaining Strength for Your Journey (Paperback or Hardcover + $8.99)
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