What separates a successful business from a failing one?

The success of your business depends on every move you make. Don’t let the pandemic destroy your business. Make business work for you. Use this book as a blueprint to build the business of your dreams.

In Business Smart, you will learn:

  •  How to incorporate The God Factor into your business
  •  How to overcome Fear of Failure
  •  How to use Business Smart planning principles to achieve your goals


Glean from the success of pastor, author, business mentor, and entrepreneur Errol Beckford. Learn how he uses The God Factor, overcomes Fear of Failure, and applies Business Smart principles to transform his life and community.

Errol Beckford is an immigrant from Jamaica, who was left at an Illinois airport upon arrival to the USA with no one to even pick him up when he  landed. 

He  eventually  earned  his  business  degree  from an esteemed university, built a thriving marketplace ministry, and is the CEO of multi-million dollar commercial properties. He is an entrepreneur who has won, failed, and battled back to win again and again.  


Business Smart
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