Book #2. A fiction yet factual book series to help overcome the maze of the mind. Overtly labeled REBELLIOUS and living through the consequences because she took a stand for the truth. The past she escaped ALONE has again become her reality. SKEPTICAL because the plan that sounded good for his family has proven to be neither sound nor good. Attained financial and social prestige, no option is out of his reach and every choice leaves him more DISSATISFIED.

The I Lost My Mind series honestly reveals and confronts unmentionable & unmanageable matters of the mind. We must lose that mind in exchange for the mind of Christ. Get a glimpse into the minds of this book's featured characters (Reba, Allie, Skype, & Dyz). Engaging color interior. Relevant content.

I Lost My Mind (Book #2) Rebellious, Alone, Skeptical, & Dissatisfied
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